What is a PLA and How to Apply

PLAs are student employees of the Schulich School of Education specifically focused on assisting with workshops, presentations and events coordinated by the Professional Learning Coordinator. Individuals in these positions will offer educational technology integration supports, host presentations and workshops and communicate upcoming opportunities to other students in the Bachelor of Education program.  Applicants with strong interpersonal, organizational and time management skills are ideal. 

Interested in becoming a PLA?

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Resumes and cover letters will be accepted until Friday August 4, 2017 by 4:00 pm.

Please note: There will be positions posted under NU Works, plus we will be hiring PLAs directly from our department.  As long as you don’t possess any other student worker position with Nipissing University, you are able to apply.

Words from our 2016-2017 Team

“The Professional Learning Program is what sets Nipissing University apart from many other universities.  It allows pre service teacher candidates to become comfortable with new technologies within the classroom, before they even enter a school.  It is designed to ensure success and attainment for any student looking to become a teacher in our fast growing technological generation.” - Mel Harkes, PLA 2016-2017

“The PLA Program provides an amazing opportunity to expand your skill set, network within the university, learn new technologies and get to know your fellow classmates.  On top of that, you get the benefit of working with a wonderful team of like-minded people who are passionate about providing professional learning opportunities to other Schulich School of Education teacher candidates and faculty.” - Erin Guillemette, PLA 2016 - 2017

“The PLA program has been more than just a pay check and fun gig! It has introduced me to very knowledgeable teachers and important individuals with in the Schulich School of Education.  I have learned the newest technologies in the classroom and have learned how to teach them to fellow teacher candidates.  My experience has left me with knowledge, memories, connections, and money! Win-win!” - Eden Plante, PLA 2016-2017

“Being part of the Professional Learning team has been a great experience.  Not only has it allowed me to interact and help my fellow teacher candidates, but it has also allowed me to further develop my own teaching skills.  It is a job that has allowed me to grow not only as a teacher, but as a person in general.” - Perry Coldrick, PLA & Elijah Tupling Memorial Award Recipient 2016-2017

“The PLA program has much more meaning to me beyond the definition of Professional Learning Assistant.  It allows me to: P - PARTICIPATE in learning opportunities/events first hand: L - creates a LINK between the classroom and myself through technology, and A - allows me to be ACTIVE and engaged with my fellow teacher candidates.” - Priscilla Gozum, PLA 2016-2017

“The Professional Learning Program at Nipissing University allows students extra opportunities to stand out from their peers. Working as a PLA has given me the opportunity to explore the meaning of being a teacher within the 21st century. I have been able to explore important issues and teach my peers about how to develop their teaching 'toolboxes'. This program has also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and approach interests such as special education and coding within my potential board and on the campus itself.” - Mara Roach, PLA 2016-2017

“Being a PLA allowed me to explore different ways to enhance my teaching styles and methods to effectively cater to all students. As a pre-service teacher, the application of what I learned as a PLA made me more effective as an instructor. As a PLA, you are given an opportunity to work with different groups of students and administrators, and showcase ways to enhance lessons and activities with relevant tools you will find in todays classrooms!  Beyond the sessions we get to teach, we are also invited to participate in amazing events and greet presenters from various educational backgrounds.” - Josh Ruddell, PLA 2016 - 2017