DIY Activities

Please note these activities are currently being reviewed.  Some links may be inactive within the activities.  

EASY.  FUN. QUICK.  Online activities and guides are created with you in mind! These are created to intrigue teachers with some engaging tools they could easily integrate into a variety of grades and subjects.   Contact your team for any questions, or to arrange an appointment if you would like assistance working through any of our activities or guides.

Fresh Grade PDF  – Fresh Grade Site

Locking:Grouping PDF – Quick Tips for SMART Board Notebook Software

Google Lit Trips PDF – Google Lit Trips Site

Edublogs PDFEduBlogs Site

Fakebook PDFFake Book Site

Gynzy for SMART Board PDFGynzy  Site

Build Your Website PDF – Weebly Website

Google Classroom PDF – Google Classroom Website

Worksheet for Coding with Scratch v1Coding App List

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We will be adding new DIY’s in the new year!

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