Professional Learning Assistants (PLAs)

Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year will be posted in the summer! 

What is a PLA?

PLAs are student employees of the Schulich School of Education specifically focused on assisting with workshops, presentations and events coordinated by the Professional Learning Coordinator. Individuals in these positions will offer educational technology integration supports, host presentations and workshops and communicate upcoming opportunities to other students in the Bachelor of Education program.  Applicants with strong interpersonal, organizational and time management skills are ideal candidates for a PLA position. 

Words from former PLAs

“As a Professional Learning Assistant, the Professional Learning Program has provided me the opportunity to network with education students and Schulich School of Education staff in order to provide hands-on learning experiences that highlight some of the most engaging and applicable educational resources for use in grade K-12 classrooms. Some of my most memorable sessions include SMART notebook extensions, GROOVE education, and Coding in the Classroom. I believe that having a professional learning program that directly supports students educational needs and concerns contributes greatly to the welcoming and education-focused environment that is the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University!”  – Claudia de Jong (2019)

“The Professional Learning Program is what sets Nipissing University apart from many other universities.  It allows pre service teacher candidates to become comfortable with new technologies within the classroom, before they even enter a school.  It is designed to ensure success and attainment for any student looking to become a teacher in our fast growing technological generation.” – Mel Harkes, PLA

“The PLA Program provides an amazing opportunity to expand your skill set, network within the university, learn new technologies and get to know your fellow classmates.  On top of that, you get the benefit of working with a wonderful team of like-minded people who are passionate about providing professional learning opportunities to other Schulich School of Education teacher candidates and faculty.” – Erin Guillemette, PLA

“The PLA program has been more than just a pay check and fun gig! It has introduced me to very knowledgeable teachers and important individuals with in the Schulich School of Education.  I have learned the newest technologies in the classroom and have learned how to teach them to fellow teacher candidates.  My experience has left me with knowledge, memories, connections, and money! Win-win!” – Eden Plante, PLA