What tools are best?

It is important to understand the purpose of technologies in the classroom, and choose resources that will enhance the teaching and learning experiences in your classroom.  Choosing the proper tools while not losing sight of the goals you have for your students success is key.  Technology should be a contribution to a lesson or activity, and should not create stress or confusion about what is being taught.

What is considered ‘technology’ use in the classroom?

Technology tools can be as simple as word processing and as high-tech as integrating tablets and interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Below is a list of areas you will commonly see technology integrated into the classroom, along with some resources to help get you started.

For a list of over 50 Educational Technology Websites broken into 10 categories:
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OPHEA Health and Physical Education Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Resources.

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From the E-Resources page – there are two ways to access the OPHEA resources:
1) Click on Education – this will take you to the page listing relevant resources for Education:   scroll down the list and you will see OPHEA Health and Physical Education Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Resources; or:
2) From the E-resources page: there is an alphabetic list of e-resources; click on the letter “O”  – the next page lists resources starting with the letter O, including the “OPHEA Health and Physical Education Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Resources”; alternatively, click on the letter “H” – the next page lists resources starting with the letter H, including “Health and Physical Education Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Resources (OPHEA).
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Resources Created by PLAs

App smashing- iPads in the Classroom Activity
Communications with Parents Handout
Gynzy – SMART Board Handout
Coding Brochure

Online Collaboration Tools

These types of tools allow you to share/edit and document work collaboratively through safe and effective online portals.  Brainstorm ideas, document student work and progress, use text and images along with video clips and more.  Provide students the opportunity to have their work completed in a group effort with other students and/or yourself as the educator.

Google Apps is an excellent example of this type of online tool.  PowerPoint also has an online tool allowing for educators and students to work together at the same time.

Presentation Software

Embed links, high resolution pictures and diagrams, videos and sound clips along with text that can be edited to catch your learners attention and keep them focused on your lesson.  Present during verbal instruction for a visual aid during lectures allowing you as the educator, to present content in a number of ways for every type of learner.

Some of the most popular examples of this type of technology are PowerPoint (Windows) and Keynote (Mac).  You can also find free online tools that help present content during lecture with resources such as Prezi.


Allow for individual and group learning opportunities with tablets such as Apple’s iPad.   Students and teachers can download a variety of Apps to enrich the learning experiences, assess knowledge and organize work (to name a few).  Programs such as Reflector also allow students to project their screens onto the the laptop set up from the teacher.   When the teacher is set up to a data projector, this allows for the entire class to share screens and brainstorm on ideas, take up work, share resources etc.

Classroom Management Tools

Organize lessons and activities, communicate with students and parents , post announcements and events, post grading expectations such as rubrics and project requirements, and allow for discussion or comments, Blogs or Glogs!  Online management tools such as teacher websites created with free resources like Weebly or TeacherWeb, can be extremely powerful and beneficial for students and parents.

Interactive Teaching Tools

Getting your students involved in the lesson by physically leaving their seats, and interacting with the lesson by dragging objects, filling in blanks, locating specific items, sizing and matching, ordering and much more, can all be made possible with interactive teaching tools such SMART Boards, Promethean Boards (ActivInspire), Mimio and Epson BrightLink Interactive Projectors.

Creating a work station with your laptop, where students can come and create a slide during other periods opens up opportunity for students to collaboratively work on lessons together, showcase and present findings and tap into their creativity and imagination when learning how to present materials to their peers.

SMART Board is one of the most popular interactive whiteboard tools found in Ontario classrooms!

Introduction to SMART Notebook: Basics

Introduction to SMART Notebook: Enhanced

SMART Exchange is an online library of lessons and activities grouped by grade and subject level.  It is recommended that you do not download pre-made lessons and activities until you understand the basics of Notebook software.  This will allow you to modify, enhance and edit to your needs with more success, and less frustration.

Integration Tips!

Classroom Newsletter

Need help with how to use Word and/or Pages to your advantage?  We can help.

5 Ways to Engage Parents Using Google Drive

Below are some additional resources you may find useful.

Resources will continue to be added to our site, so please check back often.

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